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    The Zerg tech tree.



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    The Zerg tech tree.

    Post  Brodyaga on Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:10 pm

    The area of the spot of creep around mini-Hatchery is too small compare with the regular one. It causes obstacles and is very time consuming if I want to place the Crowlers so on. Also the extra Creep Tumors are to close to the fight area and, while being weak, are very easy to die. Crowlers follow...
    I see the small size of the Creep spots as an adjustment to the players' need to keep some area still clear from the Creep in order to let them build the Saving Becons or the Saving Ship.
    But the size of the footprints of the Crowlers still is unchanged. That causes difficulties if you want to place your defense.
    How to reach the compromise?
    I see a few ways.
    1. Make the spots large but let players build Terran's buildings on a Creep.
    2. Make the spots large and introduce "Zerg's" equivalent of the Saving Ship (or Beakons), like Leviathan. (Maybe, faster and let players to run away from all the Purifiers long enough as the way to win.)
    3. Let players place Crawlers without the Creep.
    4. Make the footstep of Crawlers very small and Creep Tumors tougher and their Creep spots bigger.

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    Re: The Zerg tech tree.

    Post  Starke on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:25 am

    The fact you could not build on your own creep was a major turn-off for me. It's really hard to build a hybrid defense, say, at the top of a ramp.

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