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    Where and how do you base up?


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    Where and how do you base up?

    Post  Starke on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:53 pm

    Where do you set up camp? As I see it, there are perhaps three or four places to base up with multiple players: the ring to the east, the arch to the north, the mesa to the west, and perhaps the crash site.

    I dislike the west mesa, as I think the space is too confining for more than 2 players, their defenses, bases, and beacons/ship. I prefer much more room to build.

    The top arch is good, with plenty or room. However, it is so large that with inexperienced players it can be hard to coordinate a defense. Also, the Zerg seem to concentrate on the eastern ramp, sometimes overrunning your defense early on as you are setting up the basics at both ramps.

    I have yet to try the improved crash site, but I suspect that, while possible, it would be easier to overrun, plus limited in construction space.

    My favorite location is the ring to the east. It has a large area in the middle that is perfect for beacons, with enough room to ring them with auto-turrets, flame turrets(if necessary), and restorers to ward off drops. The base is positioned as such that you only have to worry about muta strikes from only two directions, as opposed to the entire surface of the large ring. The upper part of the donut can be ringed with Big Berthas, allowing any of the Berthas to fire on any target approaching the ring. Back up the ramps with some bunkers, turrets, and siege tanks/photon cannons, and you are virtually impregnable.

    I have seen bases build elsewhere, but here are the primary positions. Oftentimes other players will set up small, compact bases far away from the ring area. With us building beacons or a ship to draw the fire, they are very successful at gathering, but (usually) get overrun if they build beacons of their own. One notable base is shown is a video elsewhere on this site, where two players run around mind-controlling Zerg. Then their teammate throws up some Berthas in the middle of nowhere. These, along with the MD'd units, hold the Zerg off until the ship is complete.


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    Re: Where and how do you base up?

    Post  darekkhort on Fri Dec 17, 2010 1:57 am

    Mine would be the north arc, and top-left areas. Those two are really good.
    If you are having trouble with enemies coming in from the east for the north arc, you just have to get one player to concentrate on building 6 or so ravens and then destroying all the hatcheries/etc to the east of your location; so that the enemies coming from that area will be minimal.
    It is also a good place because boss monsters come in south of the area, and walk all the way to the west allowing your ravens easy-BARRAGE kills on them; as well as allowing your Berthas to take them down before they even get on the same level terrain as you.

    The top-left area is pretty good too, especially if there are destructible rocks there. Just make sure to clear as much hatcheries near the area as possible beforehand, especially to the south to ease the load. The top-left is good because you'll only be attacked from two sides; one is a narrow choke, and the other one is fairly easily defended with planetary fortresses, and a wall of production facilities.


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    Re: Where and how do you base up?

    Post  Puphy on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:13 pm

    Mine anywhere, grab a core, base where nobody mined

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    Re: Where and how do you base up?

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