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    Tesla Coils: The Anti-Brood Lord! (EDIT: Anti-Everything)


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    Tesla Coils: The Anti-Brood Lord! (EDIT: Anti-Everything)

    Post  Starke on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:51 am

    I just realized something - Tesla Coils can shoot Brood Lords! They have a range of 10, fire every 2.5 seconds, and do 40 damage to armor units, like Brood Lords. Brood Lords attack every 2.5 seconds, and have a range of 9.5!!! This means that Tesla Coils can just reach them, and that it would take 6 shots to kill one. The Brood Lords could inflict significant damage on the Tesla Coil, but with multiple coils and a Restorer, the winner is clear. If you position them in pairs or trios with a Restorer or two behind each set, they could effectively nullify Brood Lords. Are Teslas intended to be the solution to Brood Lords? Is this a good change? I myself am not sure, and am yet to even test this.

    EDIT: On second look, they seem to do great againstEVERYTHING when massed. They only take 1x1 space! With a 40 mins 20 gas cost, you can jam a base full of them. And they don't have any "travel" time like cannons, so they don't all fire on the same target. Have a few Restorers backing them up, and these look unstoppable.

    DISCLAIMER: I have yet to test this. I will be able to give gameplay-based feedback by tomorrow. Very Happy

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