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    Mind Controlling Units


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    Mind Controlling Units

    Post  Starke on Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:13 am

    What units to you Mind Control? What is worth it?

    Time and location permitting, I will Mind Control Brood Lords if I find a Greater Spire. A pack of them actually make an excellent substitute for a Big Bertha or two. I also will sometimes Mind Control Ultralisks if I find the opportunity. I have yet to try Lurkers, but I bet they would be great as a part of a static defense. Other then finding Nests, I find Mind Controlling Corruptors to be amazing. I will often "collect" them as they fly overhead before my turrets can kill them. They do 14 damage normally, but a whopping 40 to armored units. They rip Brood Lords to shreds with great damage, good range, and moderate speed. A slightly larger pack of 6-10 can kill the Leviathan single-handedly.

    I don't use Mind Control on Zerg as they assault the ramp, such as an Ultra to let the defenses focus on other targets. I just don't find it worth the attention cost.

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