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    Player "Banks"


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    Player "Banks"

    Post  dra6o0n on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:02 am

    Basically, you need a way to show how experienced the player is from within the game.

    Maybe a score for each player within the game on the top right of the screen, under the resources, and it'll be transparent and try to be as small as possible:

    [Player Name] / [Zergs killed] / [Structures Built]

    Label player names according to their color, then label Zergs killed as red, then structures built as green.

    This is based on the current game btw...

    On a more advanced note on Player banks, players will save information about their game for:

    [Games played]
    [Time Played] <- Essentially a value for hours and minutes to show how long the player played this map in total.

    To do the time played variable, you need two variables, hours and minutes.
    And a bit of programming skills is needed...

    The game can save time on every 5 minutes the player is in the game, thus 5 minutes are added to the player's time played.

    Because if a player leaves, the script won't run and add the time, if the time variable just builds up but not save.

    Once the minutes reaches 60, do a +1 hour to the hours variable, and turn the minutes to a 0. That kind of thing. Not sure if you get where I'm going. It's essentially a formula for counting 5 minutes and adding it to the score...

    Boolean Playerscore;

    If(Playerscore.ifexists == False) {
     Int VarMinutes = 0;
     Playerscore = True;

    Else {
     If(Playerscore == True){
      For(x = VarMinutes; x < 60;){
      [Trigger is frozen until the time elapses by 300 seconds];
      x + 5;
      [Reset the time so it can work again after it hits 300];
      VarMinutes = x;
      If(VarMinutes >= 60){
      VarHours + 1;
      VarMinutes - 60; //Minus 60 minutes, so even if the time goes over, it doesn't screw up.


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