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    Anti-Shield or Support Structures


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    Anti-Shield or Support Structures

    Post  dra6o0n on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:04 am

    Well since most of the turrets are designed to fight off light and armored foes, most of the basic level ones can't fend off large groups of shielded foes properly.

    Why not implement a proper support structure that buffs nearby turret's damage effectiveness against shielded foes?

    Maybe it's radius is similar to a pylon, but generally, what it does is take the weapon's original damage, and add 50% to it when used against shielded foes.

    So Missile Turrets that do 12 x2 would do 18 x2 to Void rays if they have a support structure to buff it's effectiveness against these shielded foes.

    I know we got stuff like Ravens and Big Bertha, but I'm thinking more of a mid or basic level turret that assists the function of other turrets.

    Other Support Structures:
    Targeting Tower - Assists nearby turrets to quickly react and attack specific targets, making armored or unique foes a priority if said turrets are specialized in them. Essentially this is like a computer tower that makes the turrets smarter, which can boost some non-specialized turret's attack speed by 25% (MG Turrets).

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    Re: Anti-Shield or Support Structures

    Post  Starke on Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:48 am

    The only enemies that you would really face that have shields would be the Protoss fleet, basically making the turret/structure an "anti-survival-ending" structure. You would just need to mass these to win the survival ending. The survival ending just got a huge buff because it was too easy. We don't want to make it easy again. If it's too hard, then it will be nerfed, but this isn't the right way to approach it.

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