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    Changelog for version 10.3


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    Changelog for version 10.3

    Post  Nagnazul on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:07 am

    New version! This is mostly a bug-fixing patch to fix the numerous issues introduced by Blizzard's patch 1.2


    Patch 1.2 Bugfixes
    -Fixed the Resource Stockpile Command Card
    -Rescue Beacons use the proper graphic again (satellites and all)
    -Fixed the Tesla Coil actor: it now has a build graphic again, and it will no longer create a build model every time it attacks
    -Fixed the Refinery command card
    -Fixed the Weaponized Bunker command card
    -Fixed the Robotics Bay command card
    -Fixed the Probe command card
    -Fixed the Flying Transport Ship actor; its doors should stay closed when idle.
    -Fixed the Camelhead actor
    -Fixed the Squirmer actor
    -Fixed the Larvamaker actor and command card
    -Fixed the Venom Cannon actor
    -Fixed the Fusion Core command card

    Major Additions:

    -Added a new survivor ability "Unstuck". This ability functions like Blink, but cannot teleport you through unpathable terrain like cliffs or chasms. Its intended use is to help you when you build yourself into a corner.
    -The lag at the start of the Protoss event should now be dramatically lower
    -Drones can now be found on the map - they usually gather around hatcheries.
    -Reworked the composition of each wave. Waves are now much more strongly tied to their respective unit (for instance, the Mutalisk wave now has a lot of mutalisks, but very few ground forces). This affects both Normal and Brutal mode.
    -Dramatically reduced the amount of fodder units (swarmling, drones, overlords) in the later waves. This should help reduce lag. This affects both Normal and Brutal Mode.

    Balance Changes:

    -Restore starts with Auto-cast turned on. This affects both restorers and the transport ship
    -Reduced Hydralisk range to 3 on Normal (was 5). Their range on Brutal remains 6.
    -Reduced base Hydralisk damage to 6 on Normal (was 12). Their base damage on Brutal remains 12.

    Minor Improvements/Bugfixes:

    -Modified the pathing footprints of several buildings to be flagged as "buildings" instead of "unpathable terrain". This should fix any refinery related issues (hopefully)
    -The restore launch graphic now comes from the transport ship instead of from a random barricade
    -Changed the photon cannon tooltip to "slow but powerful" (was "slow and powerful")
    -Changed the Rescue beacon tooltip to add "multiple beacons speed up the rescue"
    -Added the official channel name to the map's description
    -MULEs can now repair while loaded into a bunker.
    -The buildable transport ship is now flagged as mechanical again (and thus can be repaired). However, Survivors that right click on the transport ship will not repair it, and will instead load into it. You can still repair the ship by manually using the repair skill or having auto-repair activated.
    -The Flying transport ship no longer has the Land ability.
    -Changed the Impervious tooltip to its proper value
    -The Music in the Protoss ending cutscene will now be uninterrupted.
    -The Protoss ending cutscene will now award a random title to each player.
    -When a Survivor takes lethal damage, his health is now immediately reduced to 1. This fixes some weird bugs where a survivor would not go down when taking a large amount of damage at once, like from a nuke. Now, if your survivor gets nuked, he will go down.

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    Re: Changelog for version 10.3

    Post  Starke on Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:08 pm

    Yay! Thanks!

    No more v1.2 weirdness! What a Face

    Unstuck command! santa

    Mules repair inside Bunkers! Surprised

    Drones are now easier to get. Very Happy

    The Hydralisk wave was when things really got tough. The nerf might be a bit strong though. Suspect

    More focused waves... hmm. I'm not as sure on this one... probably a good move though. Smile


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    Re: Changelog for version 10.3

    Post  Brodyaga on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:36 pm

    Now, when at the last wave only the big and powerful Bane lords come with the support of a cloud of Corruptors to easily shoot off your Ravens...

    Well, now it is really getting insane: even 15 Ravens, the barrier of Bunkers and a the battery of Rechargers did not help me at the map, cleared from all the Hatcheries but one.

    My personal opinion: I predict improving Big Berthas as the way to fix the newly esquired imbalance. Otherwise beating of the map will require the incredible cooperation of the teams of the very well knowing each other's stile players on the single sheared base.

    Or you just need to act very quickly and escape before the Bane lords wave.

    The level of the game is close to the impossible now and will result in decreasing popularity, I think; and will scare off most of the newbies...

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    Re: Changelog for version 10.3

    Post  Starke on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:40 pm

    Yeah, because the waves now focus on the new unit type, the later waves are insane. Didn't fight the Bane Lords, but I was really challenged by the Ultras when I didn't expect that many. But thanks to all the mins on the map, a cloud of Minigun-Turrets made it all go away. Very Happy


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    There are few little inconsistences yet that are to be fixed

    Post  Brodyaga on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:25 pm

    There was a great job done.
    But there are yet still few little inconsistences.

    1. Mineral Shards still have a... tooltip(?)... tag, that says that it contains 100 minerals, while it is 50 now.

    2. Mineral Shards tag says it can be picked up:
    "Use any ground unit to collect 100 minerals".
    The true is it can't be collected with undigged Camelhead or Squirmer, changing position: they just go through without affecting it.

    3. Extra Supply has a tag:
    "Use any ground unit to collect 4 extra supply."
    But I can not use my ground units with the name "Camelhead" or "Squirmer" similarly to Mineral Shards.


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    The Zerg tech tree

    Post  Brodyaga on Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:37 pm

    Drones are good with their 200 points life, but I would like to have the speed of their hatching to be significantly reduced. They are already very expensive, and with such a long time that we need to get them this create imbalance and luck of power for those who decided to go through the Zerg tech, I think. With their inability to repair or fight, the player can succeed only in a case of incredible luck of 5 Geysers together and Mine Field already cleaned for you with some kind ally.

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    Re: Changelog for version 10.3

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