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    Turret Override Ability


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    Turret Override Ability

    Post  dra6o0n on Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:29 pm

    This is to amp up the SCV's support abilities while your defending your base, by allowing you to override Any of the valid turrets and use them to your advantage.

    This means that overriding any turret will increase some stats on the turret, and may give it a additional ability.

    Think of your SCV as a Engineering Wiz so it's capable of programming extra functionality into turrets...

    Your SCV would be linked to the turret at a certain range, you can still move it, but generally being too far will break the link.

    To balance it out, using the ability will use up a segment of your energy and stops energy regeneration over that amount (like cutting your energy in half and can't gain any more than that much).

    Turret List and abilities:

    Auto Turret - Increased attack speed (+0.5) / +2 damage to Light units while linked
    Missile Turret - Increased attack damage (+4) / View + Detection Increase while linked
    Perdition Turret - Increase attack range (+1) / Better splash damage against biological while linked
    Telsa Coil - Overcharged Bolt Ability allows it to chain up to 3 different targets on hit, once every 2 attacks.
    Siege Tank - Increased AoE radius / +2 range while linked
    Mind Control Emulator - Increased duration on mind controlled zergs (buff) by two times the duration.


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    Re: Turret Override Ability

    Post  Starke on Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:20 pm

    My main issue with this is that it would be overpowered early and useless later on. I could easily sit with one or two Autos or Telsas, link with one, and repair them to survive indefinitely early on, or just mine nearby and have a few Barricades. Later on, when you have dozens off turrets, it would make an insignificant impact on battles. When you need more firepower, you build more turrets, and if you have plenty of defense, you mine or build Resource Stockpiles to scout in the morning. There is either too much benefit or no benefit, with little/no middle ground in my opinion. It is a good mechanic for other games, but does not fit the gamestyle of Krydon.

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