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    How to stop bullies



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    How to stop bullies

    Post  Brodyaga on Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:01 am

    What happened today: one guy, with ironic nick "SavedByGrace", after dying somewhere in a distant corner of the map, made a few Collossi and came to destroy another player's Saving Beacons.
    He almost succeed, but only almost: at first taken by surprise, then I used Vortex to keep his Collosi in another dimension for another couple minutes till the fleet arrival thanks to the only survived his attack Beacon.
    Is there any way to change player's Restorer's settings so the player could choose whether to heal another players units and shear such a grace as autohealling with your attacker, if player tries to fight back at his own base?
    If not to ban such "players" from the map - this guy likes to spoil the game and do other mean things to other players...
    How come such people can become "undead" and keep their supply, minerals and control over the units after their death?
    I had to turn off the Restorers when I had to fight back.
    Another thing: is there any chance to make it possible to load SCV into another players Bunkers? Or even supply someone's else Bunkers with your Turret?
    Maybe it would be possible to have a list of allies with everyone being ally initially, but the player could mark someone out and keep the guy away from your Restorers, autorepair, Bunkers and CC?
    One more thing: the battery of even well charged Restorers did not save three my Beacons from intensive attack because of very slow response. Can this be fixed? (Happens often that restorers don't catch the pace while intensive attack, and save not the unit, but their charge.)
    With resources and supplies being passable the game getting more competitive, so some changes could be considered, I think.

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